Four Advantages of Choosing to Build A Custom Home

We get this question a lot: which is better, building or buying? It's often tough to answer because there really isn't one 'right' answer. Here are a few benefits to building a new home that you don't get with any other option:

1. You get to call the shots

A farmhouse sink? No problem. Custom drawer pulls, counter tops, and a floor plan that suits your needs? Perfect. It's all up to you! Whether it be a wrap-around western-facing porch to catch Central Oregon sunsets or a grand fireplace to cozy up next to on chilly winter nights, we've got you covered. When you build new, you won't have to make any design changes for a while.

2. You don't pay for what you don't want

Building a new home avoids paying a premium for updates that don't fit your needs! Expensive updates that may be perfect for someone else get tacked on to the overall price of the home. You could end up paying double: once for the updates that aren't your taste, and then again to make changes! 

3. You avoid renovation costs in the future

Buying an older home can be an great experience, however, the nightmarish stories of purchasing a home with unknown issues are very real. Older homes accumulate wear and tear over the years, and all too often these issues go unnoticed during the home inspection. Brand new builds ensure that you won't be fixing a leaky roof or replacing siding for a while.

4. Custom-built homes reflect you

Have you ever heard the theory that dogs and their owners look alike? Well, the same goes for custom homes. When it's designed by you, it won't literally look like you, but it's bound to take on your characteristics and reflect your style. The layout of an already-built home can be difficult and expensive to change. When you build your own, you get to make all of the decisions from the ground up.